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Wellness Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our wellness survey! We had eleven employee respond! Here's what they had to say:

  • Of the respondents, 6 were attending Weight Watchers meetings at work, 1 at another meeting site, and 2 were doing the program online. The other respondents were using other methods.
  • The respondents reported a combined weight loss of 131 lbs!

Here are the comments they left:

"I'm more aware of what I'm eating and craving sugar less."

"Eating Smaller portions at dinner time."

"Finally decided to get up before work to fit in an hour at the gym. Set the clothes out the night before and have my mind set so I don't even THINK about the process. I've got 2 months under my belt and already am feeling so much better!"

"Making better choices, exervising more, caring more about my appearance."

"I feel better and my clothes are fitting great!"

"My weight loss has been slow but steady. More importantly, I am paying more attention to nutrition and healthy choices, and increasing exercise. I've lost inches around the waist and feel healthier overall - without feeling like I've had to sacrifice too much to implement this lifestyle change."

"I really had to be patient and it was nearly 2 weeks before any weight came off. That part was the hardest. I began eating more veggies and fruit, and cut fat in the form of cheese from my diet. I eat little processed food and reward myself with a little sugar occasionally but have little craving for any foods now. I feel I have taken a lot of weight off my hips and I feel lighter on my feet. I want to lose a little more and I feel I have the formula down now. I consistently lose about 2 pounds a week and am not trying too hard now. I still watch how much I eat but don't deny myself something special now and then. I drink tea with cream and sugar for a daily treat! Even wine. It feels great."

"My husband is following the program with me, and supports me not only with my success, but with his own as well. His last trip to the doctor showed a 15 lb. loss, and blood pressure and blood sugar levels all down to much better levels! The doctor told him that WW is an excellent program for diabetics, and that he expects him to continue to improve if he sticks with it."

"Even though I am not losing weight, I can see positive changes in my clothing. Where they were tight before they are now loose. Feeling like parachute pants!!! Also, have found a group of ladies at my gym that are very motivating and we text/email/facebook each other to meet a the gym!!! I have gone more now than I did before. Really excited to see what the scale says tonight."


EAP Program


Reliant Behavioral Health (RBH) will be our new EAP carrier as of October 1, 2010.

RBH provides a confidential and comprehensive employee assistance program that includes counseling, crisis response, supervisor resources, and work-life balance services, all with a focus on wellness.

To access the EAP program, you may call RBH at 1-866-750-1327 or visit their website at https://www.myrbh.com (Access code for registration is "OEBB").


Wellness Article/Tip of the Week


Last week we talked about how sitting at your desk all day can be dangerous to your health, even if you work out regularly.

To help combat that, here are some resources you can use to exercise or stretch right at your desk. It just takes a few minutes a day, and the benefits are huge!





Last Week's article:


Are you an Active Couch Potato?

Turns out that exercising regularly might not be enough! Sitting at a desk, at your computer or watching TV presents risks to your health -- even if you exercise regularly!

The following tips can help you counter the bad effects from a sedentary lifestyle:

  • Break up your sitting time as much as possible

  • Substitute sedentary leisure activities with physical activities

  • Increase your daily physical activity beyond your regular workout

  • Continue diligently with your regular workouts

  • Be sure to follow a balanced, nutritious diet

For more information, click on the link above, or check out the following articles:


Bonus Article: "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants."

Michael Pollan explores the difference between food and "food" and what we really should be eating.

Washington Service Center Weight Watchers Meetings

Meetings are held on Thursdays according to the schedule below.

Weigh-ins start at 4:15 PM, and the meeting will run from 4:45 - 5:15 PM.


  • October 28th - Washington Room
  • November 4th - Washington Room
  • November 18th - Washington Room
  • December 2nd - Washington Room
  • December 9th - Washington Room
  • December 16th - Washington Room
  • January 6th - Washington Room
  • January 13th - Washington Room
  • January 20th - Washington Room
  • January 27th - Washington Room
  • February 3rd - Washington Room

Weight Management Benefits

In addition to Weight Watchers, employees who have medical coverage through the NWRESD/OEBB have access to other weight management benefits through their medical plan carrier.

They include:

  • Telephone coaching sessions

  • Annual assessments

  • Screenings, and

  • Educational Resources to help keep you on track

For more information on these benefits, please visit OEBB's website, or click on your medical plan carrier below:

Current Wellness Activities

Know of any wellness-related activities going on?

Let us know and we'll post it here!

Wellness Committee

The latest activities of the Wellness Committee will be posted here.


Online Resources


  • Spark People: Free, online nutrition and fitness tracking, tons of resources recipes, exercises, and message boards.
  • Calories Per Hour : Look up food nutritional content, calculate your calorie needs, calculate calories burned during exercise.
  • Google Health: Manage your health information online and share with individuals in your network, set goals, track your progress, and synch up with your smart phone apps


If you know of any online resources you'd like to share, let us know and we'll add them to this space!