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E-mail your suggestions to suggestions@nwresd.k12.or.us.

  • If you have a suggestion that you would like to bring to the attention of the ESD's management team (Cabinet), e-mail suggestions@nwresd.k12.or.us.
  • The Communications Dept. is the only recipient of suggestion box emails.
  • The suggestions are passed on anonymously, reviewed weekly, and reported back in the Monday Memo.

October. 27 - November 8, 2012

SUGGESTION: The ESD’s Staff Handbook’s wording should be clarified for Payday. The handbook currently says “All district employees are paid on the last business day of the month.” However, if an employee does not have direct deposit (and yes, it happens), the ESD does not email their paycheck until the last business day of the month. Meaning, employees won’t receive their paycheck at least until the next day with the postal system. The current wording is misleading. Either add “with direct deposit” to the staff hand book or mail the paychecks the day before the last business day of the month so all employees receive their wages accordingly.


  • The handbook wording is accurate because the agency does release payroll on the last business day of the month (payroll cannot be released earlier due to banking procedures). The timing of receipt of actual pay – i.e. the date that employees can access their pay is determined by the method the employee has chosen to receive it.

Oct. 16 - 26, 2012
  1. Suggestion: I think the Online staff Bulletin Board” should be advertised more. Signs in the staff lounge and more in Monday memo, etc.

    • Response: We’ll do that, thanks!


Sept. 19- Oct.15, 2012

  1. Suggestion: It would be nice to have the option of 4/10hr work weeks

    • Response: We’ve considered this numerous times over the years, but because NWRESD exists to serve our component districts our schedule is dependent upon theirs. We need to be operating when they are.

  2. Suggetion: It would be helpful to have the ISFP date print out on datasheets for children (it currently is not set up like that) and possibly have I tin the upper right corner of all the EC Data pages that we tab through.

    • Response: We've forwarded your suggestion to Lori Kellogg, Principal of Tualatin Early Childhood Center. Lori will share the suggestion with the EC Data team and we’ll keep you updated.


Sept. 15-18, 2012

  1. SUGGESTION: May I suggest to have bottled water available at the inservice lunch for next year?

    • RESPONSE: Because plastic water bottles generate so much waste we’ve begun offering water dispensers and cups instead. We will try to remind staff to bring their personal water bottles to next year’s inservice.

Sept. 10-14, 2012

  1. SUGGESTION: It would be so nice to have staff pictures posted next to their names in the directory.  Maybe ID badge pictures could be used?

    • RESPONSE: Great idea, unfortunately it would be difficult and time consuming to incorporate photos into the current directory format. The Tech Dept. will look into the feasibility of adding ID badge photos to Outlook contact cards.

  2. SUGGESTION: Can we notify staff the reason behind flags being flown at half-mast flag?

    • RESPONSE: The Facilities Dept. will communicate w/appropriate office personnel and they’ll be instructed to post a note in public spot on days when Governor’s office has declared half-mast. Also, please note that in compliance with legal requirements, NWRESD buildings have lighted flag poles which allow the flags to remain up all the time.

Sept. 3-9, 2012

  1. SUGGESTION: Last year I wrote to you and asked about a Vegan lunch offering at the All Staff Inservice. My understanding was that the choice would then be available as this is what was posted as your response. I never saw any communication about offering how to sign up for this. My suggestion last year was that instead of offering the typical 'vegetarian' choice that you should go one step further and change it to Vegan. Many people have dairy allergies, why not just make the vegetarian option Vegan? I never got lunch that day. It was difficult to be stuck working and not eat during that time as there was not even fruit or vegetable offerings during lunch. & I ask that you do not suggest that I just 'remove the dairy from the vegetarian option' as for Vegans that is not a good option.

    • RESPONSE: We dropped the ball on this suggestion and apologize. Next year if you don’t see this option made available in the letters or emails communicating inservice details, please make us aware of it by contacting HR at HRHelp@nwresd.k12.or.us or 503-614-1445.

  2. SUGGESTION: We recently received an email from our supervisor to respond with ideas on how the ESD can save money. A monkey survey, rather than emails to supervisors, should be used to gather employee input for ways to save money at the ESD.

    • RESPONSE: Online surveys can be useful, but in this case the goal is to facilitate smaller discussions/dialogue around energy saving ideas and having just one staff member responsible for creating and monitoring survey data wouldn’t meet the need.

(Dates below reflect the meeting when suggestions were reviewed)




Suggestions can also be sent via ESD courier, or mailed to the Communications Dept. at 5825 NE Ray Cir., Hillsboro OR 97124.