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Each year, the Northwest Regional Education Service District receives generous volunteer support, grants, and other valuable contributions from public and private agencies as well as individuals who care about helping young children and youth succeed.

We are honored to acknowledge our “Partners in Education"...

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November 19, 2013
Padgett Jessica

Jessica Padgett and ESD Superintendent James Sager read over the Partner recognition award. Jessica was honored as the agency's Partner in Education at its November 2013 Board meeting.

NWRESD Partners in Education


Lisa Wallace - NW Oregon Head Start/Clatsop County: For being a strong advocate for children with disabilities and their families. Lisa's efforts to improve and strengthen educational opportunities for young children in our region through her leadership at Head Start, as well as in the numerous community projects.

Kim McKie -Teacher Baker Prairie Middle School in Canby: For facilitating student involvement in both the winter Goalball State Tournament and the spring Track and Field Day for students who are blind or visually impaired. Kim's efforts, which include teaching a class about understanding disabilities, go way beyond hosting the events. It’s become an all-school function and everyone gets involved.  

Martha and Reed Rainey, Playground Specialists - MRC Oregon: For their donations of time an expertise to towards the purchase and installation a safe and functional playground surface at the Early Childhood Special Education preschool in St. Helens. (MRC provides playground specialists and park and recreation equipment.)

AAUW – Tillamook Branch: For their support of Tillamook County's participation in the Oregon Spelling Bee competition.

Scott Schinderle, Principal Groner Elementary School: For his leadership and support of students attending the Deaf Hard of Hearing (DHH) program at Groner Elementary and their families.

Jessica Padgett, Parent Volunteer: For her support of young children and families in Washington County. NWRESD is grateful for the leadership and focus Jessica brings to the Washington County Early Intervention Advisory Council (EIAC) both in her role as council chair and as a parent. 


Janet Evans - Director of Clatsop County Juvenile Department: Through Janet’s leadership, the Clatsop County Juvenile Department is a major partner in collaborating to provide parent education and training in the region, and a driving force behind “Connect the Dots” - an effort to bring all county partners to the table and formalize a cooperative process that supports children and families. 

Honorable Michele C. Rini - Washington County Circuit Court: For her work on behalf of the students who come before her for truancy issues and the guidance and positive influence she demonstrates in the courtroom and in the community on behalf of students and families in Washington County.

Kimberly Bayley-Tweed: Kimberly’s been an ongoing source of support in fundraising for the St. Helens Early Childhood Program, both in her role as parent and as chair of the Parent Advisory Committee.

Friends of Tryon Creek

Friends of Tryon Creek have provided students at the ESD’s Cascade Academy with an enriched, practical learning experience – giving them the opportunity to take classroom learning into the park, and see the environment first-hand. The experience has made learning more relevant for this population of students for whom school is not their favorite place to be!  The students are able to see what they have accomplished through service learning projects at the park, and feel a sense of pride.

Jen Armbruster, Inclusive Rec & Community Services Coordinator at Portland State University, and Norm Jordon, Vision Specialist at Willamette ESD

Jen and Norm were instrumental in the Oregon All-Star Goalball team being able to compete at the Youth National Tournament at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in November 2012. Jen through her leadership, coaching, and mentoring, and Norm through his organization and behind-the-scene work (everything from the initial grant funding proposal, to airline tickets to facilitating local training and competition). Their efforts culminated with two teams of Oregon students (a boys team and a girls team) competing at the National Tournament and having the experience of a lifetime. The girls won second place and had two members voted to the All-Star team as well!

TOPS, Oregon Youth Conservation Corps (OYCC)

Under the leadership of teacher Shiras Stamps-White, students in the TOPS program provided much-needed assistance with a number of beautification projects around the ESD’s Tillamook Service Center at the Wilson School. TOPS collaboration with the agency’s staff in Tillamook to design and build an interactive “Safety Town” and play area will greatly benefit children who attend the Early Childhood program in the county.


Sheriff Andy Long and Deputy Dave Jungling, Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office. For their help in relocating to the new Tillamook Service Center site at Wilson School. Sheriff Andy and Deputy Dave  generously gave NWRESD three full days of their time—at no cost to the agency—and were instrumental in moving an untold amount of furniture and work items from two full stories and a basement.  

Eileen Purcell, Outreach Literacy Coordinator, Clatsop Community College. Ms. Purcell was nominated because of her strong advocacy of and involvement with migrant and Latino students in Clatsop County.   

Simon and Stephanie Date. For two years in a row, the Dates have graciously organized and hosted a fundraiser to help support the ESD’s Early Childhood Special Education program and staff in Columbia County on behalf of their daughter, Ruby. This year the Dates presented the program with a check for $1,069 which will be used to enhance the ESD’s ECSE classrooms in the area.

Dave Dahl, VP of NatureBake and founder of Dave's Killer Bread. NWRESD is grateful for Dave's generous donation of time and resources to benefit the students at the ESD’s at-risk programs in Beaverton, Cascade and Pacific Academies. Dave is a favorite motivational speaker at the programs and donates bread on a weekly basis to help the students eat healthier.

Jan Kenna, Director of Columbia County Commission on Children and Families. Nominated because of her strong collaborative efforts with school districts and child services agencies in the county, Jan has been instrumental to the growth and well-being of students by helping to develop and obtain funding for the after school programs in St. Helens and Vernonia school districts, and the school-based health center in the St. Helens School District.  

Elders Work Experience (WEX) Program of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon. The WEX Program places Tribal Elders back in the workforce as a means of offering assistance of additional income as well as providing them work in a field of interest to them. The ESD is grateful for the countless hours of administrative support that the program has funded in support of the agency's Indian Education Program over the last five years. WEX’s contribution has exceeded $20,000 – making it possible for Ms. Virgene Blair to work for 500 hours per academic year as Program Assistant/Tutor.


Darryl Dan. Mr. Dan has volunteered countless hours with the ESD’s Indian Education Program, lending his expertise as a software engineer to write a script that merged Program data with the ESD’s student data system (eSIS). His efforts saved staff a major amount work. In addition, the his volunteer hours count towards the Intel Involved Matching Grant program which provides cash grants to organizations where Intel employees volunteer.

Astoria Parks and Recreation Department. The Parks and Recreation Department's 'Port of Play' indoor play park enhances the recreational, play, and learning opportunities for children and youth in the Astoria School District, Head Start, and Northwest Regional ESD, as well as pre-school and school age children from the community. In addition, the Park's 'Kid Zone' after school program offers opportunities for participation in games, arts & crafts, and help with homework.

Billy Henry. February’s partner was Billy Henry, Director of the Northwest Association of Blind Athletes. Billy oversees statewide programs for students who are blind/visually impaired, giving them the opportunity to try new sports and learn ways to stay physically active - ever heard of ‘goalball’?!

State Farm Insurance. State Farm’s generous donation of $10,000 in support of students is a great example of the good that arises from a strong partnership over the common goal of ensuring a quality education for all students. The funds will further the work of Oregon educators in meeting the Oregon Diploma Requirements through the development of the Culminating Project Manual and Celebration of Senior Project Seminar

Oak Hills Christian Preschool: Over the years, Oak Hills Christian Preschool has contributed enormously to the success of the ESD’s Washington County Early Childhood Special Education program. Their welcoming support of preschool students with special needs and professional and caring approach to families and their needs has made a postive impact on the community we serve. 

Brian and Crystal Abel. For donating specialty assistive items for the ESD’s Related Services Department . The Abel families gift of Braille books, communication devices, and developmental therapy and multisensory toys are greatly appreciated by NWRESD staff who work with a wide range of students with highly specialized needs in Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and Washington counties.

Gary Anderson. Over the last 25 years, Gary has made a positive impact on the lives of local students, their families, and the community. The sustaining financial support he has provided to the NWRESD’s annual Multi-Modular Health Screenings through funds raised at his annual ‘Gary Anderson Open’, helps ensure that children in Tillamook County get the services they need so they are able to enter school healthy and ready to go!


The Honorable Neal C. Lemery, Justice of the Peace, Tillamook County. Judge Lemery works tirelessly on behalf of the students in Tillamook County who come before him for truancy issues. His effort and commitment are clearly from the heart and have won over even the most obstinate students. The guidance and positive influence he demonstrates in his courtroom and in the community is keeping kids in school!

Business Education Compact and Oregon Commission for the Blind. The two agencies were instrumental in facilitating a year-long project that allowed eight visually impaired high school students to experience employment as part of the Oregon Youth Employment Initiative. The students build over 100 bird and bat boxes, and installed them on the Sauvie Island Wildlife Refuge earlier this month.

Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare for collaborating with NWRESD and local school districts to enhance mental health services to students with severe emotional disabilities. The ‘Keys to Success’ program, has made a positive impact on students and families in Clatsop County through the implementation of on-site social skills training and individual counseling at the Social Competencies Classroom at Astoria Middle School as well as off-site family therapy for the participating students and their families.

Karen Wegner, Dir. K-12 Education, CMOPS (Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction at Oregon Health & Science University) For putting together the Ocean FEST event at NWRESD on March 1 for American Indian and Alaskan Native students. Ocean FEST was enormously successful in engaging the students in careers in ocean science and related Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields through fun, hands-on activities.

Jody Westerman, Cedar Mill Community Library For contributing to the success of the literacy program at the ESD’s Woodside Early Childhood Center in Beaverton. (As Children’s Outreach Librarian, Jody has coordinated early literacy training for ESD staff and parents, story time for children at Woodside, and the loan of library books through the library’s BookShare program.)

Jody Westerman, Cedar Mill Community Library For contributing to the success of the literacy program at the ESD’s Woodside Early Childhood Center in Beaverton.  (As Children’s Outreach Librarian, Jody has coordinated early literacy training for ESD staff and parents, story time for children at Woodside, and the loan of library books through the library’s BookShare program.)

George Hafeman, Jr., Windermere/St. Helens Real Estate For donations of clothing and shoes to students in component school districts in Columbia County.

Sam Strouse, Manager of Tillamook Fred Meyer store For supporting the Tillamook County Multi-Modular Pre-School exams by donating $2,500, supplies from the store, and Fred Bear!


Stoneridge Kids Fund Collaboration with the ESD’s audiology staff to help over a dozen children obtain hearing aids and ear molds this year.

Clackamas Community College Partnering with the ESD to develop and implement the Northwest Workforce Alliance in Clatsop County.

Thomas Hartmann, Sorenson Communications Providing video relay services to NWRESD deaf/hard of hearing programs in Washington County.

Gaston School District For collaborating with the ESD’s early intervention program in Washington County by providing space within Gaston Elementary School and the Carriage House when unexpected facility issues required the ESD to move a pre-school within a very short time frame.

Barbara Rodriguez, Vista House Rentals Barbara has consistently donated housing for OHSU staff and students during the annual Tillamook County Multi-Modular Preschool Exams. Participation of these professionals is vital to the success of the screenings.

Cindy Overstreet, Tot Spot Preschool Cindy has opened her preschool to children with special needs being served by ESD staff in Columbia County. She has not only provided these children with the valuable opportunity to enhance their development with typical peers, but contributed greatly to the growth and development of all the children attending Tot Spot.


Cruise West Through the generous support of Cruise West's “Our Bear Cares Program”, the ESD was able to provide migrant families on the North Oregon Coast with the tools & supports they need to instill in their children a shared love for reading and learning; addressing illiteracy in migrant parents and strengthening families.

Clatsop County Head Start Working with the ESD’s EI/ECSE programs to meet the needs of children in Clatsop County. Head Start has made a positive impact on the lives of local children and their families, and on our community as well.

Beaverton Auto Parts For collaboration with the ESD’s CAPITAL Center Auto Tech program over the years—providing staff time and financial resources that have been instrumental in the program’s success.

The Ainsworth Family The Ainworths have made a generous donation to the ESD Early Intervention Program on an annual basis. In 2007-08 their donation was designated for the feeding team.

Gray Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation: Supporting the ESD’s Northwest Outdoor Science School program through a grant of $119,200 towards assisting students in need, or programs of schools in need, to attend Outdoor Science School

Luanne Kreutzer, Owner of St. Helens Bookshop: Luanne has supported the Columbia County-Wide In-Service for the past two years by providing free literacy workshops and an educational book fair. In addition, she has been a supporter of literacy projects within ESD component districts via grant-writing and implementation.

Tillamook County Board of Commissioners: The Commission has been a strong supporter the Tillamook County Multi-Modular Pre-School exams by providing funds to pay for the venue for the three-day rental—the Tillamook County Fairgrounds—at the cost of $1,400.


Hillsboro Mediation Program - Program Director Patti Williams and volunteer mediatiors: Diane Cadanou, John Christian, Dale Harris, Bob Keyser, Bertha Martell, Jess Matza and Carol Williams

Patti and her group of volunteer mediators work with the court system, school personnel and ESD truancy officers to reconnect students to succesful school attendance. They help resolve truancy disputes to the satisfaction of all parties and thier efforts have led to the succesful completion of approximately 70 percent of the truancy cases in Washington County!

Kara Alexander & Mary Bogert, Little Tigers Preschool/Tigard High School ~ Kara and Mary have collaborated with the ESD’s Early Childhood Education Specialists to ensure the successful education of preschool students with varying skill levels and needs for many years. By welcoming these children into the Little Tigers Preschool they have had a positive impact on not only the children and their families, but also the high school students in the Tigard High School's Child Services Program and the local community as well.

Sue Abravenel, Director of Education for SOLV ~ Through her position at SOLV, Sue continues to partner with Northwest Regional ESD to provide training and materials to students and teachers in our region for in-service learning. Sue's support has gone a long way towards helping our component districts meet extended application/graduation requirements.

Bill Thomas, Director of the Washington County Commission on Children and Families ~ Bill was recognized for his efforts in obtaining the Mental Health in Schools Parnership Grant for Washington County, and for his dedication in researching how NWRESD could partner to bring health clinics to area schools.

Kiwanis Club of St. Helens Oregon ~ Providing over 10,000 books to children and families throughout Columbia County.

New Seasons Market ~ Providing the resources and venue for a fundraiser for the Northwest Outdoor Science School program that netted $1,100 for the Outdoor School Leadership Program.

Tillamook County General Hospital ~ Providing staff time, resources and coordination for the ESD’s annual county-wide Multi Modular Exams.

Dwight Guenther, Transportation Director Tillamook School District ~ Dedication and caring in providing excellent transportation services to the ESD’s EI/ECSE program. According to Helen Armstrong, he “repeatedly goes over and above his job responsibilities to provide efficient, organized and customer friendly transportation services”.


Guy Farris, Willamette Orthotics and Prosthetics ~ Donation of time, expertise and resources every month to participate in the ESD’s Pediatric Orthotics Clinic in Tillamook County as well as involvement for the past six years in Tillamook Service Center’s annual multi-modular preschool screening exams.

Larry Slawson, North Coast Home Care of Tillamook ~ Working in cooperation with NWRESD physical therapists over the last five years to provide mobility equipment for children living in Tillamook County.

Bob Williams, Volunteer at West Slope Academy ~ Donation of new tennis shoes for all the students at West Slope Academy.

Dane Guage and Tom Grice, Astoria Ford ~ Providing students in the Youth Transition Program in Clatsop County with work experience at the auto dealership.

Officer Janelle Pettit, School Resource Officer – West Slope Academy ~Serving as the School Resource Officer for Pacific Academy over the last two years with a strong commitment to helping students make positive changes in their lives.

Brad Bafaro ~Leadership in the professional care, training, and development of the Speech Language Program for the Forest Grove School District. Teamed with NWRESD in the development of an effective program review of current services, as well as your ongoing support for the NWRESD Speech Language Pathology staff serving Forest Grove Schools.

Nathan Crater ~ Volunteer mentor to an autistic student in the area of engineering and planning. Due to Nathan’s assistance, the student was able to complete a successful Senior Project.

Linda Dugan ~ Volunteer at South Jetty High School as surrogate parent for the students. Her strong understanding of special education regulations and positive, supportive attitude toward the boys made a huge difference in their lives as they sort out their educational opportunities.

Jan Hankerson ~ Providing professional audiological evaluations for students in Clatsop County, with a commitment to work cooperatively with ESD staff in coordinating the purchasing and repair of hearing devices. Because of Jan’s efforts, families in Clatsop County are assured of local, professional audiological service with immediate follow-up on educational needs related to hearing issues.

Mike Hyneman ~Volunteering time at family Christmas tree lot to donate funds to help a Washington County student with audiological needs.

Lisa Wallace, Director - Head Start ~ Efforts in opening up new Head Start slots for students at Gray Elementary in Clatsop County. Having Head Start in the same building as the ESD’s Early Childhood classroom allows the students to cross from program to program without the loss of precious learning time that bussing entails.


Beaverton & Hillsboro Police Departments ~ Collaborating with Northwest Regional ESD to implement the “Law Enforcement of the 21st Century” course at CAPITAL Center High School Technology Institute.

Child & Family Development Programs of Tillamook County ~ Providing staffing and advertising for the annual multi-modular preschool screening exams in Tillamook County.

Clatsop County Health and Human Services ~ Providing ongoing support for child find efforts in Clatsop County to identify young children with disabilities and their families who are in need of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education services.

Clatsop County Juvenile Department ~ Helping Northwest Regional ESD provide services for at-risk students by coordinating the efforts of youth service provider agencies in Clatsop County.

Columbia County Department of Human Services ~ Collaborating with NWRESD to provide services and support to students in the midst of family crises.

OYA - North Coast Youth Correctional Facility ~ Providing leadership and support to staff at South Jetty High School.

Tillamook County General Hospital ~Supporting the Health Services Academy program in Tillamook County through volunteer staff time and the use of its facility.

Synopsys ~Providing donations of used technology equipment to NWRESD’s “Essentials of Information Technology” class at the CAPITAL Center High School Technology Institute.

Dr. Joel Arick ~Partnering with NWRESD to develop and implement Autism Spectrum Disorder and Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education programs for children in our region.

Dr. Joseph Christy ~ Supporting Northwest Regional ESD through five years of dedicated service as an advisory board member.

Byron D. Ruppel ~ Donating time, talent, and resources to South Jetty High School in Clatsop County.

Judge Kirsten Thompson ~ Partnering with Northwest Regional ESD’s Attendance Officers to help at-risk students successfully re-enter school.

Portland Community College ~ Collaborating with Northwest Regional ESD to develop and implement the speech/language pathology assistant pilot program.


Columbia County Commission on Children and Families ~ Works with NWRESD and Columbia County school districts on writing grants and pooling resources to meet the needs of children in our region.

Oregon Child Development Coalition ~ Providing quality services to children in NWRESD’s Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education program.

Oregon Commission for the Blind ~ Helping transition school-age visually impaired students through the commission’s Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP).

Oregon Youth Conservation Corps ~ Continued grant funding and staff training for NWRESD’s Cascade Education Corps (CEC) program.

OHSU Child Development & Rehabilitation Center ~ Partner and supporter of NWRESD’s annual Multi-Modular Preschool Screening Exams in Tillamook County, and a key partner in establishing a community-based clinic linking health and education for Tillamook County.

Oregon Lions Statewide Low Vision Clinic ~ Providing free, low vision exams to students, and up-to-date resources on low vision equipment, eye conditions and various accommodations to NWRESD students, parents and vision teachers.

Tillamook Vision Center ~ Provides staffing for the vision station at NWRESD’s annual Multi-Modular Preschool Screening Exams in Tillamook County.

Gary Anderson ~ Providing resources to Tillamook County children with hearing impairments whose families need assistance with equipment costs, medical bills and other needs.

Geoff Gunn ~ A volunteer mentor and coach for the Tillamook County Schools Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Program.

Sue Omel ~ A key supporter in developing an interagency agreement between the Department of Health and Human Services and NWRESD’s Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Program to streamline the referral process and coordinate services for children with disabilities who are served by both agencies.

Columbia Educational Consortium ~ Providing professional technical education to the students in our region through a partnership between the NWRESD, Rainier and Clatskanie School Districts.


Clatsop County Commission on Children and Families ~ Helping to bring parenting classes to people throughout Clatsop County.

Community Action Organization/Head Start ~ Partnering with the Northwest
Regional ESD’s Early Intervention/Early Childhood Education program to provide
valuable services to children with special needs in Head Start settings
Columbia County Crisis Response ~ Providing critical services in crisis response to our five school districts in Columbia County.

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District ~ Sponsoring Cascade Education Corps crews to work in parks each spring and providing monetary support for the program.

Oregon Health & Science University ~ Participating in Washington County English Language Learner (ELL) Advisory Group meetings and developing an Intercultural
Psychiatric Program based on school districts’ needs.

Intel ~ Collaborating with Oregon Institute of Technology and Northwest Regional ESD to provide a state-of-the-art computer lab for students at the CAPITAL Center, with Intel donating 24 new Dell computers and a high tech printer lab.

The Hungry Halibut & Blackfish Café ~ Supporting the Tillamook County Schools Hospitality Program through mentoring, training and other valuable contributions.

Aubrey Kintz/Forest Grove School District ~ Creating a computer program that enables special education staff to collaborate in creating and tracking state-required forms and working with NWRESD’s Technology staff to share the system with others.

Sylvia Hearing/Clackamas Community College ~ Identifying trainers for Northwest Regional ESD leadership training, in-service training for local school districts, and staff development opportunities for employees.

Oregon Department of Education ~ Providing assistance in charter school grant opportunities for school districts in the region.

Oregon Institute of Technology ~ Collaborating with the Northwest Regional ESD and Intel to provide a state-of-the-art computer lab for students at the CAPITAL Center.

Portland State University ~ Working with the Northwest Regional ESD’s Early
Childhood Special Education program to place practicum and student teachers in ESD classes.

Tillamook Education Consortium ~ Working together to maximize resources and offer quality programs and services for students in Tillamook County.

Ozzie Rose ~ Supporting Oregon’s public schools and education service districts through many years of dedicated service


Washington County Commission on Children and Families ~ Support for the New Parent Network, Beaverton Family Resource Center and Community Safety Net.

Clatsop County Juvenile Department ~ Assistance in improving school
attendance and student success through the Outreach Program.

Columbia County Community Action Team’s Head Start and Even Start ~
Assistance to families and young children in Columbia County.

Columbia Pacific Head Start of Clatsop County ~ Assistance to families and young children in Clatsop County.

Metropolitan Area Communication Commission (MACC) ~ Continued
support for the network needs of Washington County schools

Metro Portland New Car Dealers Association ~ Support for the CAPITAL Center High School Program

Tillamook Association for Retarded Citizens ~ Support for programs for
children in Tillamook County

The Samuel S. Johnson Foundation ~ Support for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers in Columbia County

AM 1360 KUIK Radio ~ Providing resources to students in Washington County through publications such as this year’s “American Classics Songbooks” that was distributed to all 3rd-5th graders in our region

Intel Corporation and Foundation ~ Ongoing support for the Intel Teach to the Future program and StRUT (Students Recycling Used Technology)

Major Jeffery Julum ~ Assistance in the coordination and distribution of a  “Letters of Thanksgiving” project, which gave thousands of students in our region a positive outlet for expressing their feelings and emotions following the tragedies of Sept. 11.

Helen Hill ~ Donation of time and talent two afternoons a month at NWRESD’s Tillamook Options Program as a volunteer art teacher.

Pat and Pearl Ireton ~ Service and contributions to NWRESD’s Basic Living Skills classroom in Nestucca Valley.

Skip Liebertz and Maureen Casey, Willamette Education Service District  Spearheaded a major political and legal efforts to finalize contract language for NWRESD’s EI/ECSE and Regional programs by representing the entire state in negotiations that led to a resolution.

Regional Legislative Delegation ~ Diligent support of the ESD equity process (Senate Bill 260) during the 2001 Legislative Session.