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DATE: August 2011

TO: Component Districts
FROM: Superintendent James Sager


As you may be aware, in the wake of closing the ESD’s on-site print shop we no longer offer printing services.

After researching a variety of options, we’ve formalized an agreement with OfficeMax for our printing needs and we’ve arranged to make this agreement available to you, our component school districts, on an individual basis directly through OfficeMax.

We are proud to offer our component districts this opportunity and hope you will take advantage of it as you see fit.

The OfficeMax relationship offers three distinct advantages to you:

  1. Pricing - see OfficeMax price summary: We’re taking advantage of OfficeMax’s WSCA contract. In a few instances, it may make sense to ask for a quote from Clackamas ESD's print shop. (We’ll use OfficeMax for a majority of our printing, but work with Clackamas ESD when appropriate).

  2. Turnaround time - see OfficeMax Statement of Work: 
    • OfficeMax will deliver or ship for FREE to all component districts.
    • Standard turn time for simple orders as outlined in the statement of work is one day for orders placed by 1 p.m.
    • Turn time for larger and more complex orders is two business days.
    • Orders that fall outside these definitions will be negotiated.Work done by Clackamas ESD will be brought to NWRESD once each week and delivered to district offices according to the courier schedule.

  3. Capabilities: OfficeMax is capable of any and every print project including booklets, flyers, business cards, specialty items, stamps, posters, mailings, digital, variable, off-set, etc.

OfficeMax Impress Customer Service Rep: Ed Coon - edwardcoon@officemax.com

Clackamas ESD Print Supervisor: Barbara Richman - richman@clackesd.k12.or.us


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