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Section A/B: Board Governance and Operations
Section C: General Administration
Section D: Fiscal Management
Section E: Support Services
Section F: Facilities Development  
Section G: Personnel
Section H: Negotiations
Section I: Instruction
Section J: Students
Section K/L: District-Community Relations

Instructional Goals IA
Freedom of Expression, Student Organizations, Student Fundraising Activities IB
Student Organizations/Student Fundraising Activity Request IB-AR
Relations with Home-Schooled Students** IBDJA
School Year/School Calendar IC/ICA
School Day ID
Organization of Instruction IE
Curriculum Development IF
Research/Projects | Procedures for Research/Projects IFA | IFA-AR
Program Adoption IFD
Religion in the Schools | Teaching About Religion IGAC | IGAC-AR
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse - Health Education IGAEB
Human Sexuality Education IGAI
Distance Learning IGAM
Students with Disabilities** IGBA
Child Identification Procedures (Child Find) IGBA-AR
Confidentiality-Education Records of Students with Disabilities IGBAB-AR
Special Education-Personnel Development IGBAC
Special Education - Private Schools IGBAI
Special Education - Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) IGBAJ
Special Education - Public Availability of State Application IGBAK
Special Education - Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities IGBAL
Home Tutoring and Homebound Instruction Services** IGBG/IGBGA
Establishment of Alternative Education Programs IGBHB | IGBHB-AR
Program Exemptions IGBHD
Second Language IGBI
Interscholastic Athletics IGDJ
Class Size IHB
Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials** IIA
Instructional Materials Selection/Reconsideration IIA-AR
Use of Feature Films/Videos** IIABB | IIABB-AR
Instructional Materials Libraries IIBD
Instructional Technology IIBG
Electronic Communications System IIBGA | IIBGA-AR
Field Trips and Special Events** IICA | IICA-AR
Community Resource Persons IICB
Volunteers IICC
Privileged Communications IJA
Academic Achievement IK
Grade Reduction/Credit Denial IKAD
Promotion and Retention of Students IKE
Assessment Program IL
Credit for Proficiency IKH
Studying Controversial Issues INB
Controversial Speakers INC
Political Figures in District Facilities INCA
Flag Displays and Salutes INDB
Animals in District Facilities | Animals in the Classroom ING | ING-AR
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